Digital Photography – Project 2: Name

Project 2

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Journal 3

This week I finished my storyboard and created a simple animatic version of my piece. This coming week I start production and will have a first version of the first 3 shots.



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Preproduction Presentation


In a glooming world, a robot seeks happiness in these hard times.



Animatic Storyboard:

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Digital Photography Project 1


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Journal 1: Loglines and Moodboard

In a year ideally I would like to be working as a Motion Graphics Animator. I would need more animations utilizing programs such as After Effects and Photoshop to be added to my portfolio to accomplish this.

From critique of my initial loglines, I received feedback regarding that I should experiment with a greater variety of styles and I should flesh out my ideas further.

Logline 1:

A lonesome old man struggles to to find a way home once he has lost his way from home.


Logline 2:

In a cynical world where the belief is that there is no more good, a robot struggles to prove that that things aren’t as bleak as everyone believes. 


Logline 3:

A caged pet struggles with coming to terms that there is a bigger world once it escapes into the wild. 


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Final Animation – Claymation

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Final Animation Check – In

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