Artist Statement

Throughout my time in and out of college, I have learned and experienced much and have incorporated these lessons into my work. These pieces are a reflection of the experiences and lessons I have learned.


In the piece “It’s Okay” the first lesson that not everything can go the way we want it to, that sometimes the world just doesn’t make sense and it can feel like it is ending. But just because things are not good, and won’t necessarily get better; it does not mean it is the end and it is okay that things are the way they are. Sometimes you have to try to find a positive in amongst all the negativity that is going on. The second lesson I learned present in the piece “Corn Poodles” goes to show that you will not always be rewarded for what you do. Sometimes there is not always a pay off, but that does not mean you stop or give up. If you do not reach your goal, set a new one and always keep striving towards it.


As life continues and my experience grows, my pieces will reflect that growth.


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