Full Animation

First Animation:

Remake Animation:

Remake via Sync Sketch:


For this full animation assignment, I chose to do work based on Otto Mesmer. I watched several shorts he created including Charlie on the Farm (1919), Felix the Cat – Feline Follies (1919), Felix Comes Back (1922), Felix the Ghost Breaker (1923), and Felix in Hollywood (1923). The design of my character drew influence from humans in many of the Felix cartoons, such as the old woman in Feline Follies, as well as the farmer in Charlie on the Farm. A quality I noticed in a lot of the early Mesmer shorts is that often times, only one thing at a time would move. In the short, Felix Comes Back, these is a time when Felix is outside and he is cold. After shivering for a few seconds, he would stop moving altogether as something new would enter the scene. The actions of my character staring with dots coming from his eyes and an exclamation mark appearing over his head also appear to be a staple in Mesmer’s shorts, as these two actions are performed by Felix in all of the Felix the Cat shorts I viewed. Also, as with most early Mesmer shorts, there are very few, if any shot variations. I used wide shot for my scene as this seemed to be the most used shot in the shorts I viewed.
In my final version, was able to achieve smooth motion in frames 10-21, as well as 43-51, and 26-41. I achieved this by giving the moving image more frames of motion. There was however, places where animation was not as smooth. In the final version, between the frames 20-25, I attempted to make the table move back and forth faster by giving it less frames of animation. The result was a faster moving table, but also it appeared to be more choppy. I could have made this motion smoother by either drawing more animation frames, or reusing frames from when it moved the first time (frames 10-20). The character overall was easy to animate. The trouble I had was animating the arms from frames 26-41. I believe the action is relatively clear, although the character’s eyes do not stay in a consistent direction, so this may be confusing for some trying to figure out what the character is doing. I made the character appear shocked by using Mesmer’s signature dotted lines that extend from the character when it stares and the exclamation mark that appears often in his shorts. In the future, I could make the character’s eyes and mouth larger when he turns and has the exclamation mark appear over his head to increase the amount of shock he portrays. One thing that was problematic, was that in the final version, the events of the man starting with the dotted line and then having the exclamation mark appear were actually switched, and were out of order from the original version. This also order of actions also seemed to go against the way Mesmer’s character’s reacted. To remedy this, I switched the frames, which is why frames 43-51 come before frames 26-41 in the final.


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