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What are camelids? Are they a cover for a container? A pot? A pan?

Why no, camelids are actually a type of  animal. They’re actually a type of herbivore mammal, apart of the Camelidae family. The camelidae family ranges from animals such as, you guessed it, camels, llamas and alpacas.

But how did they get here?

The modern day Camelid first appeared 45 million years ago in present day North America. The earliest camelids was the rabbit-sized Protylopus, which had four toes on each foot, instead of two. About 10 million years later, camelids such as the Poebrotherium had become two toed creatures, and were about the size of a modern goat.

During the Great American Interchange, that followed the formation of the Isthmus of Panama, camelids spread from North America to South America and Asia.

Now, camelids in North America were quite common until relatively recently, when they were possibly hunted down by early humans, or were unable to survive after the ice age.

While the North American camelids, didn’t make it, three other groups did, which were the dromedary, which made it to africa and south west asia, the bacterian which reside in asia and south america, and the third which diverged into present day llamas, and alpacas.

Screen caps

1st.png  north america.png



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