Game Jam

For our last assignment in Interactive Media, we were given four hours, or two class periods to create a game which used stop motion animation.

The link to game is provided here:

Our group chose to create a game, featuring the head of one of our professor’s Lawrence Neuberger, called “No Burger for Neuberger”. In this game, the main goal was to navigate through a level to reach a condiment. The goal is to complete the five levels to construct the “New Burger.”

The game functions as a 2-D plat former, using stop motion to animate Professor Neuberger’s head as it rolls and jumps from obstacle to obstacle. The game also has it’s own soundtrack, as it features 8-bit versions of songs such as “All By Myself” as well as original pieces, created by James Wrobel.

The game is played with a keyboard, using A and D to move right and left and the space bar to jump. The gameplay is rather difficult at times, as to jump the player must move and gain momentum, the more momentum gained, the farther the player can jump. The game is rather difficult at times, but was a success for being created in a limited amount of time.


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