Interactive Media Gallery Write-Up 2

On December 8th, I was apart of the Student Showcase at Alfred State College. In addition to my own game, there were many other contributions at the event. One presentation that caught my eye was a piece that demonstrated the use of hydropower, or more specifically how the Hoover dam is affected by Niagara Falls.

The demonstration was coded in the program Jitter, and used a two button system to show to the increases in the turbine depending on how much water was going through it. One button increased the speed while the other decreased it.

The interactivity shown here shows how simplicity can be key in making an effective demonstration. The average passer by would not have the time to learn a complicated mechanic, I feel this piece achieved what it needed to, especially for the environment it was apart of. This teaches me to keep in mind the audience of my creations, to keep in mind who is playing them and what type of interface would be appropriate for the piece. I can use this information I have learned here in future digital products.

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