Advanced Modeling and Texturing Gallery Write-Up

On November 13th, I attended a tour at the organization known as Content Central. Content Central is a company that creates digital advertisements.

Throughout my tour of the facility, I learned that the employees use programs and applications that I have been currently learning at Alfred. They integrate programs such as Maya and Adobe Premiere together to create digital projects for companies. I learned a lot about a typical day of work there and how often these programs become a part of their everyday lives, as well as the hiring/intern process.

I can apply what I have learned to Digital Media, such as how important it is to be able to work not only alone, but also as a part of a team. I have also learned that all programs that I have learned here can be applied to a project later in life. These teachings are not done for no reason, they all serve a purpose. Even if they are just briefly touched upon, and never really gone back to again, it is good to just get a feel for a variety of programs.

My time at Content Central was well spent and I feel that I have learned much from that tour. Although working there is not my intent, it was beneficial to receive insight about the working in the field.

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