Beta Test Response

I created a first person video game, which largely consisted of an escape the room and maze elements. When the beta version was tested on September 18th, I noticed similar trends within the testers. All of the testers performed very similar actions. Upon starting the game, each player immediately noticed the red screwdriver and proceeded to try to pick up or obtain it. Since this asset was no longer apart of the actual gameplay, it seemed to distract the players from exploring their surroundings and figuring out what their objective is. In the final version, I plan to incorporate the screwdriver as a useable asset to further enhance the gameplay. Another trend, was that every player went left and continued down the first corridor and triggered the first game over. I noticed that some players struggled to make it into the vent which was the start of the maze. The players seemed to get stuck, which could be fixed with another jump, but seemed to be off putting to the players and made them think that the game was already broken. A remedy to this glitch would be to either adjust the size of the vents/maze or the size of the first person controller. A similar glitch occurred within the the maze itself. Certain vents, even if they were perfectly aligned, would cause the player to stick. These sticky vents could be maneuvered with a jump, but slowed down gameplay and confused the testers. The player seemed to be able to maneuver but were still challenged by the maze. Some players found the exit by their second attempt while others got lost and it took them numerous tries. Once they located the vent, the object seemed to be very clear to each player. Except for the sticky vents, the only other glitch that was located was that there was an unknown trigger point near the exit which would still cause to the level to restart. The players seemed be unable to make the game break, and were not able to escape any of the vents or rooms. In the future, I plan to fix these assets and reincorporate the screwdriver and the key into the game as required assets. I also plan on shrinking the first person controller and adding an additional level to signify the players victory.

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