Exercise One Critique

For my first Production I critique, I viewed the work of another student, Alex Ciolek.

Alex Ciolek’s WordPress

Symmetrically Balanced Photo:

Ciolek’s symmetrically balanced photo appears to be symmetric. The foreground and mid ground follow this, but this is lost when it comes to the background. The background is very asymmetric and a result throws off the entirety of the photo.

Asymmetrical Photo:

Ciolek’s asymmetrical photo portrays asymmetry well. The tree is main focus and the buildings in the background do well to keep the balance.

Close Up:

While the photo quality is good, Ciolek’s “close up” rather appears to be a medium close up than a true close up. Regardless, it the photo is well balanced. It aligns well with the rule of thirds however there is far too much headroom.

Long Shot:

Ciolek’s long shot correctly aligns with the rule of thirds. Each section of the room and figure align.

Balanced with Weight of Gaze:

Ciolek’s photo does a proper job aligning with the rule of thirds. The subject’s gaze lures the viewer’s eye to the nearby wall, due to being on the left side of the photo.

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