Interactive Media Gallery Write-Up 1


For my first interactive gallery write up, I attended the LLEWELLYN gallery on September 3, 2015 in the SET building of Alfred State. The gallery and lecture were by Flatsitter, an artist duo that create audio and visual art.

The interactivity of this gallery was quite interesting. One piece, called 3/ Stratus Translucidus was based on light and it could be changed on the drapes it was projected on to. This was done with a mouse which could change the light based.

It was a very calm and relaxing piece, in some ways, almost surreal, which was Flatsitter’s purpose. This piece has helped me in my interactive study, as it has shown me different ways light can be attributed to mood and the feeling of a place. It has shown how light It has also given me insight as to how light works, which can be used in future projects. We have been told to include every part of a piece for reason, to have a purpose, I feel this gallery has really helped me realize the importance of that, not through words but by being there and feeling the atmosphere which had been created.



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