Gallery Write Up 2

On Saturday May 2, I attended another gallery at Alfred University. This gallery was located in the Tuner Gallery. This gallery featured works by Kelly Brenner Justice and Kevin Dartt.

This gallery also featured a lot of sculptors, but this time pottery was also on display. Kelly Brenner Justice’s works were the pottery while Dartt’s were the sculptures. Dartt’s pieces were displayed in a monitor. The object was then 3d printed, and shown next to digital version. What really drew my attention in that piece was that both objects were able to change shape. It was easy for the monitored version, but the printed version was able to change shape as well. I had never seen anything like it before.

Both artists had a variety of works available, but the fluctuating 3d piece was the most moving. They spent a lot of time working on their work, and it inspired me to spend more time and effort working on projects I am passionate about.

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