Gallery Write Up 2 – Interactive Design

On Thursday, April 30th, I attended a student gallery in the SET building of Alfred State College. This particular gallery featured work by the senior students, their work ranging from logos to fully functional video games.

I was very taken in by the fact the video games were fully interactive and available for public use. The first game I saw, one where the player was a hope symbol returning various other symbols back to the light side, really intrigued me. The sprites were well designed, gameplay way was unique and the overall style fit the game. It acted as a 2d platformer, but elements of a 3d platformer with the character being able to jump between planes on the z axis. I was really interested in the custom controller that was built for it. I would like to learn more about that when I am a senior.

The other interactive video game was interesting to me as well. It was a two player game involving vampires and a vampire slayer. This games play was very unique and I have not to this day seen anything quite like it. It featured a traditional 2 player split screen, only with two entirely different screens. One, for the vampire slayer player, was of a town filled with townsfolk. The other, a black screen with blue and red hearts on it. The object was for the vampire slayer to attempt to find and kill the vampire. I interested about how the students were able to have to the two screens interact with each other directly.

This gallery was quite the eye opener for me. It made me look forward to new challenges to look forward to and new as I continue my study in Digital Media.

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