Gallery Write Up 1 – Interactive Design

On Friday, March 20th, I attended The New Contemporary Art and Design wing at the Corning Museum of Glass. Being a somewhat local resident, I was delighted that I was in town in time for this grand opening.

I saw a variety of different sculptures, ranging from rabbits to kitchens, all made entirely of glass. The gallery had a wide range of artists, collecting pieces over the last few decades.

One piece in particular that interested me was “West Sky” by Alessandro Diaz de Santillana.

west sky

This is part of Santillana’s set of the four elements, this being air. According to Santillana, this piece is made out glass so it is clear like air, and so it can reflect the world around it. The sculpture itself is an aerodynamic form made up of glass filled with tiny air bubbles. This piece really intrigued me and got me thinking about how I can use aspects of different objects and make direct comparisons between them and then incorporate that into future designs.

Another piece that I found intriguing was the piece “Evening Dress With a Shawl” by Karen LaMonte.

evening dress with shawl

The mysterious appearance of this dress caught my eye right away. The meaning behind this piece was just ghostly as the piece itself. According to LaMonte, the lack of figure is just as important as the dress. To LaMonte, it depicts the pleasure of beauty while also reminding us of our own mortality. Just reading LaMonte’s words made me realize how limited my time is and that I should use it carefully. This piece really influenced my decision to put more thought into my designs, and to see if I too can find a way spread this message.

This gallery was quite the experience for me. I hope I can return to this gallery again someday soon to further educate and inspire myself.

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