3d Design Write-Up

On May 3, 2014, I attended the Senior Art Gallery at Alfred University. The exhibit featured three-dimensional sculptures and designs created by students. Many of these works utilized concepts, and materials which were new to me.

An exhibit that stood out to me was a long, baguette-shaped paper-maché sculpture with a carving underneath. This carving went halfway into the sculpture, and inside of it was a long blue light. The method was very simple. This particular work gives me insight into creating a tone through minimalism.

Another piece that stood out to me was appeared to be a large canvas inflated balloon, which resembled a curving “Y”. This design was unique because its as it was structurally sound due to an air pump. This could give a concept of help from the outside, since its structural integrity comes from help outside the piece.

The pieces of this show displayed a vas array of concepts I could hardly imagine. This inspires to broaden my mind and to open myself to more concepts that I could use in future projects.

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