Final Project: Comic Creation Story

Penciled:pencil creation





Nordic Creation

For our final assignment, we had to create a comic book based on a creation story. I chose the Nordic creation story for my project.

I did researched the story on several occasions, finding many variations to this tale. I took the most detailed story I could find to base my comic on. This was a challenge on its own. I also studied the drawings of the myth as part of my research. I felt that the story was too long to be limited to one page, so I drew the story to the point of Ymir the Frost Giant’s creation.

I faced my challenges as an artist. I based my style as a mix between my own and the style of the Nordic paintings. As the style of the Nordic paintings are realistic, I  based many of my panels off of real life photos. I did the same with the drawing of Ymir, as I used a photo of myself in the same pose as a basic reference. I add my defined lines to emphasize line weight and to make each panel and pose more dynamic.

The traditional Nordic paintings used many colors in the works, but none of them were very bright. They used a various amount of color but the one thing they all had in common was that they were all dull colors. I incorporated that aspect into my work by using many blues, but none that were vibrant.

I also incorporated knowledge from Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud into my comic. I used what I had learned about imagery and text boxes, to create a sense of motion that was visually appealing to the reader. The boxes and sequences of images were set accordingly so that the reader would read from left to right. I also created a dynamic at the end of the comic with the creation of Ymir by not confining the figure to the constraints of a panel. I feel this gave the character a greater emphasis.

I felt that I have grown as an artist through this assignment. Creating comic books is a passion of mine and I put forth a lot of effort into this piece. I have learned to make more drafts of my work, create various concepts and designs and also follow deadlines. This piece gave me a sense of what it would be like to be a comic book artist.

Post Critic-

Comic (Edited):

comic edited

As part of my post critic, I made some edits to the piece. I adjusted the dialogue throughout the comic so that there was more equal space through the margins of the dialogue boxes. I also fixed the character of Ymir. I photoshopped another hand into the figure, one that extended past the previous panel. I also created more even emphasis lines. This was to make the pose more dynamic and uniform.


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