Skeleton Skin Painting


For this project, I had to recreate a famous painting with a visible skeleton. The goal of the project was utilize what we have learned about the body and apply it to our skeleton studies. I chose the portion of the Sistine Chapel by Michael Angelo that featured Adam to recreate. I used a combined total of 4 different mediums on this piece.

To start this piece, I used Adobe Photoshop to create a line outline of the original piece and printed it out on a 22 x 30 inch sheet of Ty-vec paper. I then proceeded to outline the portions of the piece with different graphite pencils.

It was a challenge to create the skeleton within the piece. I tried looking up different skeleton references but I could never acquire the angles I truly desired. Thanks to fellow students, I discovered an online software that allowed me to manipulate a 3-D skeleton into any angle and pose I desired. This was a great help in drawing the inner skeleton of the piece.

With the inner skeleton completely drawn, I inked it with a Micron pen and proceeded to paint the background. I did not have acrylic paint, so I made do with water color. This decision proved to be a good one as it complimented the piece and worked with the style of the original work.

I used a deco-peach Prismacolor marker to color the skeleton and the proceeded to paint the remainder of the body with watercolor paint. I was hesitant about this design as I did not feel it worked with the piece.

With the painting finished, I felt proud of my work. I was felt confident in my ability to apply what I had learned into this project and was overall pleased with the results. In the future, I would like to experiment with different mediums such as acrylic paint and develop my painting skills.


After the in-class critique, I made a slight adjustment to my piece. It was thought that the brown hand beneath Adam was distracting and should be removed. I was easily able to remedy this error with Photoshop and believe that it has benefited the overall image.

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