Figure and Motion Gallery Write-Up

On February 7th, I attended a gallery on the third floor of the Technology at Alfred State College. The gallery featured necklaces constructed by students in the 3D design course. For their first project, the students had to create necklaces made to match assorted themes with a wide array of materials, ranging from very organic materials to inorganic materials such as hardware and technology.

Each necklace was unique in its own way, and the personality of each artist could be seen through the pieces. James Wrobel, a student artist, created a necklace composed of discarded computer components and could be worn not only as a necklace, but it also served as a mask. Another artist, Brandon Helsing, created out of clay which represented horns. The piece could worn on ones head as well as the neck. Another necklace, crafted by Trent Reeves, was also made out of clay. This piece was to be solely worn around the neck. The necklace was composed of two clay hands bonded by twine, when propped, formed open palmed hands around the wearer’s neck. These are just a few examples of the wide range of variation between the necklaces.

In addition to the necklaces on display in the gallery, the photography presented was well done as well. Many student artists presented their work on models, often creating unique pictures to display the piece and bring about its full potential. Various themed backgrounds were used to enhance the theme of the piece and in certain situations, the models were dressed to match the work as well. The photographs were enhanced and edited to create a focal point and a dynamic photo.

Seeing other students work presented in such a fashion, gave me the realization that my work could also be presented in such a way that would really bring out the best in my pieces. The pictures were displayed in a well organized and unified manner and were printed on high quality photo paper, another factor which gave the piece a more professional appearance. The pieces were also listed with a written concept and artist statement, a factor I took note of as it will be used in future projects. The overall layout of the gallery was well coordinated and professional.

The gallery was offered much insight to me as an artist. I discovered that even though I have had much progression, I still have a lot to learn about being a successful artist. The techniques the student artists displayed were within my abilities and I should strive to achieve that level of excellence and go beyond. The creativity of the works, the concepts, and the materials used just astounded me. This gallery really gave me the chance to look beyond the obvious and to push myself in my own works. I am glad I was able to attend such an experience as it gave me a new prospective on art and new respect for fellow artists.

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