Origami Project


For my second project, I had to create an origami object that was 6 feet tall. This was to be a group project and be constructed out of origami blocks printed in Tyvec paper.

This project ultimately proved to be a failure. The piece held a solid concept but was rushed due to time and resources. The concept was a metaphor for escape. The idea was to have the negative space work as a tunnel, and to have a shape in the image of an individual, which appeared to be running through a colorful portal, possibly to another reality. Color plays an important role in this, as the rainbow of colors gives an impression of movement, which can be viewed either toward or away from the viewer. From a side view, the origami piece gives an impression of an object soaring.

I faced many challenges in creating this project. One was within the group. It was difficult to work within the group on this project, as communication was difficult. This was a factor that led to the projects failure. Another challenge was the origami. The blocks were not constructed properly and this led to the project not being structurally sound. It also took a lot longer to create. I did grow as an artist on this project, as it taught me self reliance and to follow directions and deadlines.

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