Flip Book


For this flip book assignment, the theme was the Alfred State slogan, “Hit the Ground Running.” I took this theme to heart, and created an animation based partly on a literal sense of the slogan, and partly on a more metaphorical sense of the phrase. My gif depicts  my character that I created backing up for a running start then proceeding into a sprint.

As I had made a flip book before, I felt confident going into this project. Using what I knew about frame speed, I used this to create a sense of speed through out the book. I used less frames for when the character ran and more when the character was backing up.

I enjoyed this assignment as it gave me an opportunity to develop previous skills. I believed I captured a sense of motion and speed within my piece. Next time, I create a piece such as another flip book, I would like to capture more detail and incorporate more perspectives into the animation.

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