Before: Skull



For this project I created a portrait of the skull model. I used graphite and charcoal for my mediums in this piece. I spent a total of 12 hours on this piece outside of class.

I incorporated atmospheric prospective into this piece to recreate the realistic nature of the model. I believe I captured the form of the skeleton as well as detail. My strengths of the piece are the shading and value. Some things I would like to improve upon in the future are the use of negative space and setting a more obvious focal point. In the cropped  image of the original piece, the point is more defined and will not confuse the viewer with the unnecessary bones below.

I have learned much from this project. I have further improved my ability to draw with multiple mediums as well as pace myself and set specific deadlines to have drawings done by. From this piece, I have learned the importance of setting focal points and detail, as too much of one can take away from the other. This lesson will help me in future projects.



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