Character Design

5 Colored Body Postitions


Facial Expressions and Canon


For this project, I had to create a character of my own design and draw it in several positions. A lot of different concepts came to mind with this project, including the original character being male. The futuristic design replaced my first concept of a struggling survivor. The mechanical arm was not even considered at first.

Inspiration was found amongst many different areas. One inspiration for design was found among clothes from the Middle East, with a sand/wind resistant clothing idea. Another inspiration for the clothing was from Nausicaä, from the film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. This introduced the thought of a female protagonist instead as well as  clothing. Another concept arrived from the conceptual art of the original Star Wars films. This gave me inspiration with the uniform type style of clothing, as well as the cape and use of prosthetic appendages.

I enjoyed working on this project and felt condiment throughout my progress. My greatest challenge was the digital portion, which included scanning it and coloring it. My first attempt at coloring failed as my lines were too this when I original uploaded it. This caused the tracing to fail and the coloring to look sloppy. I inked the original piece on paper and rescanned it and was very pleased with the new results. I put an emphasis on line weight, as one of my earlier projects lacked that and I wanted to improve on that. I am pleased with my finished colored piece.


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