Character Design Back Story

Name : Chris Brooks

        Orgin: Born in the heart of a despair New York, Chris Brooks struggle to survive.  During the mid 1960’s, the atomic war between The United States and The Soviet Union went underway. It is now what would be the 80’s. America and the world as we knew it then was gone, replaced by a harsh, new reality. To the inhabitants, scavenging was survival. This was is the only was the only certainty Chris knew in in this lonely and desperate world. Time and time again, Chris finds himself choosing between survival and doing the right thing. The world grows colder and line between right and wrong diminishes.
       Appearance: Chris Brooks is roughly 5′ 8.” He is muscular, yet slender. This is possible due to the harsh conditions of the his current world and the possible malnutrition he is suffering from. He has a larger head but is still within proportionate to his body. He has shaggy dark hair, and harsh blue eyes. He has a larger nose and small, lips. Chris has a masculine facial structure and therefore a strong chin. Chris has a light scruff. He has cuts that have been bandaged around his body. He mainly wears a torn hoodie, torn jeans and a beanie. He is missing two fingers on his left hand, due to an accident where he had to cut himself free. It is often bandaged as well.
      Characteristics: Chris Brooks is quiet and tends to agrees with others. But if he feels strong enough against an idea or decision, he will not hesitate to state otherwise. Often times he tries to do the right thing, mainly so he believes he is retaining his humanity. The balance between moral and survival. Chris is not afraid to defend himself and knows what it takes to survive.
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