Figure Drawing Journal Week 1

When it comes to figure drawing, I feel as though I have basic skills. I can draft basic shapes and simple poses and feel comfortable with such. I want to improve figure poses, such as capturing foreshortening and dynamic. I will practice and seek additional ways to improve upon capturing poses. This entails out of class practice and looking through different sources. I will compare each drawing to the last and see where I have improved and what I need to work on. I will also go to peers to seek additional criticism.  One sculptor that has influenced me is Michelangelo. His detail and craftsmanship in his “David” sculpture is amazing. The piece is very life-like, and has a realistic texture. It looks as though you could reach out and touch another human and feel its skin on yours. A figurative artist I admire is Tony Moore. His comic style is very detailed and uses simple lines to create noticeable textures. His style is unique as it combines a caricature and realistic like style. I want to improve using ink to my artwork. I have practiced in the past, but now I would like to take it to the next level.

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