Final for Survey of Animation (Repost)

Matt Delorme

Survey of Animation

Final Project

For my final Survey of Animation Project, I had to create an animation in the style of an animator we have learned about. The animation had to be at least 20 seconds. I attempted to create a stop motion animation in the style of animator, PES.

The animator PES has created many stop motion films, specifically object animations. PES has had a long history of animation. His first film, Roof Sex, was only a minute long, but depicted two chairs having sex on a roof and won several awards. Another film produced in 2006, was called KaBoom! It depicted everyday house materials, such as food and toys, dying in old arcade game styles. From 2008-2012, PES continued to produce films, including The Deep, and Fresh Guacamole. The Deep, a 2010 short, features objects, usually metal objects such as tools and hardware coming to life and act like sea creatures. In PES’s 2012 film, Fresh Guacamole, objects such as grenades or even baseballs are transformed and destroyed and eventually turned into guacamole. PES’s production have been nominated and have won several academy awards.

PES’s style is object animation, usually using common household items. Usually, a lot of PES’s objects move around, perform an action or eventually morph into an another object entirely. This can be seen in several of his films, especially Roof Sex, and Fresh Guacamole.

In my animation, I tried to incorporate PES’s style of motion and material to my work. I had orange trading cards, used as common items, dance around, and eventually become one and disappear.

I feel as though I was semi-successful in my work. I feel as though I captured the basic nature of his style, though I could have improved further. I struggled with stop motion and redid this animation multiple times. If I were make another animation, I would use more common items such as food or tools.

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