Final Project-Foundations





For my final project, I had to create an image using two objects. I used a cat and a toaster. With these items, I created a cyborg toaster cat. At first, I had had an entirely different ida in mind for this project. Originally, I had wanted to have the cat toaster be just that- a toaster with fur and a face. It would have had cat elements and elements of a toaster, such as multiple dials and a piece of bread sticking out of the top. I scrapped this for a new idea entirely. My new image had gone from a cat, to a cyborg panda. I was convinced this was the way to go. I discussed my new idea with my professor and she helped me come to the conclusion that the best way to go would be to combine my ideas. This gave birth to my final creation, which is a cyborg cat made from toaster parts.

I had difficulty finding a pose for his creature, as iI wanted it to be more that just a cat sitting. I had to really research cats to find different views and positions. Some were too boring while others were dynamic, but not clear enough to see and use as a reference image. I eventually found one that was acceptable and had a bit of action to it.
This project really made me think about objects and how the correlate together to form new objects. My piece in this project reminded me of the Terminator. The half organic, half machine aspect of inspired me and influenced my work. It has helped broaden my horizon about art and helped me practice realistic drawing.
I used many techniques I had previously used in past projects to complete this. The greatest technique used was contour lines, as the helped me plan out the proportions of the cat. Clock faces were also greatly used, as the helped me create my image and keep the position. All of these techniques were a great asset to this project.
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