Computer Animation 1 Write Up

I attended a lecture on September 10th, 2013 presented by Darrin Martin called “My Other, Myself.” This was at the SET technology building at 4:00. He is an artist who works with video and sculptor and is inspired by perception and how our senses work. He is deaf in one ear due to a disease and this has had major influence in his work.

We viewed a variety of his works, one of which was The Hearing Lost trilogy. His piece 1/2 Right, is the first in the set. It was inspired from his audiology exam and desire to have the viewer experience a sense of isolation as he sits in a room, all alone taking a hearing exam. Sounds that were not heard by Martin himself were used in the film as interpretation.

We were also shown a sculptures Martin had created, typically made from casts. One sculpture was called “Infra-Colour.” It featured foam shapes that encase various items and is made from plaster casts. He had several other casts in which he had listeners describe the object, but only as if they were using their hands.
All in all, I found this lecture to be very inspiring and found that I had a new perspective on art. It really changes the point of view of the artist to use all five of they’re sense in their work, as Martin proved to us.
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