Glitch GIFS




My glitched GIFS represent the fact that all things fade and change overtime. I used myself as a model and example for this concept. I am not the same person I was when I came to Alfred State and I continue to change as represented by these three GIFS. I can see my face change in each picture as I become older and more experienced.

I used the programs Text Edit and PhotoShop to composite these images. I had taken pictures of myself on my computer over time and I decided to use images taken from when I first arrived, when I was on my first break, and one as I am now. I used Text Edit to data mash and glitch these pictures, then I used Photoshop to make them into GIFS. I set the images like a haiku, with the first at a .5 second rotation, the second at a .7 second rotation and the third at a .5 second rotation again.

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