Final Project Write Up Draft 1

Assignment- Identify a message using the relationship between symbols and metaphors to create a meaningful poster. Refine patterns using symmetrical and asymmetrical designs, changing the scale to create depth. Incorporate a three dimensional knowledge of space.

For my final project, my group and I had to create a meaning poster using techniques we have learned about through out the year. We created the idea to base the poster off the quote “Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

In the foreground, we have the lone bicycle, on what appears to be an empty road. This is the road of life, on which you must keep moving. There are many pieces of wreckage and debris on the road, representing the obstacles life throws at you.

In the middle ground, we have the road continuing until it begins to spiral up a hill into the horizon. The represents the twist and turns in life.

On the background, we have a hill and woods. The steepness of the hill represents the effort and struggle it will take to make it in life. the hills and woods show the mystery and wonder what life has in store for everyone. The sky is a yelled, cloudy, heavenly look, with the quotes in a serif font fading into the clouds.

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