Survey of Animation Video Response 3

For my third Survey of  Animation response post I watched the film Fritz the Cat. The film was produced in 1972 by Ralph Bakshi. It was known as his first feature film debut. It was made on a budget of $850,000.

Fritz the Cat is a film based on a comic of the same name. Fritz the Cat was inspired from a variety of culture that was popular at the time and a lot of what happened during the 1960’s.

          Fritz the Cat uses cell animation for the film. The technique of cell animation was used for a lot of movies at that time. The type of animation is used for a majority of the film. Fritz the Cat uses very detailed backgrounds, and not so detailed animated character models.
          All in all, the film Fritz the Cat does incorporated many techniques  commonly used by animations created at that time. Its style has been one of various other films made at that time.
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