Glitch Art 3

Original: Photo on 9-2-13 at 4.26 PM #2 3

PhotoSounder 1:Matt

Audacity 1: matt70

Hex Editor 1:  hex edit3

Technique 1- For my first new technique, I used PhotoSounder. Another representation that can be made is that it shows how much I have begun to change on the outside as well as the in. This method differentiates it by giving it a black and white format, which gives the image a feeling of that it is from the past.
Technique 2- For my second new technique, I used Audacity. A new representation of this image could be that it shows that my future is clouded and no one can see what it holds. What makes this technique unique is that is gives it a totally glitched form that is almost impossible to decipher.
Technique 3- For my third new technique, I used Hex Editor. A representation of this image could be that my future is still unclear but is relatively bright. It has its down spots but everything will be for the best. This method is unique as it creates a bright pixelated effect.

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