Foundations Lecture Write-Up 1

On September 17th, I attended a lecture in Room 215 in the Engineering Technology Building. A Professor from Ithaca College came to give a lecture about the use of sound in media and film. He introduced us to the basics of how sound is used to create effectiveness in scenes. We were shown a variety of clips where music was used to create emphasis. A few examples were in the films Jaws, Star Wars and Glory.

The presentation specifically target the use of music in film. The music can be used to set the tone and feel of a scene, as well as the atmosphere. The music is also very effective if it reaches the audience on a personal level. For example, in many suspenseful scene, such as in the film Jaws when the shark is about to strike, that ever present slow steady medley can be heard. The audience begins to connect this tune with the suspense and ever present threat of the shark and it instills fear within them. This method is very effective in setting tones.

A part of this lecture I found interesting was the use of music  to serve as what was described as sonic “glue”. It is designed to bring two things together within a film. This way, scenes can link together and be much more effective. I also liked that he said to save ideas and never scrap them. Its always a good idea to hold on to your work. Even though it may not be useful for one project you’re working on, it could be very useful for another one in the future. This relates to my work in Digital Media. Even if I have a design that may not work for a specific project, I should hold on to it for use or reference for future projects I may encounter.

All in all, this lecture was a very interesting and inspiring experience for me. I’m glad I took the time and had the opportunity to learn from this insightful speaker.

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