Survey of Animation Response 2

For my second Survey of  Animation response post I watched the film Robin Hood. The film was produced in 19 by Walt Disney Productions. This film was the twenty-first animated Disney production.

           Robin Hood is a film inspired by the book “The Adventures of Robin Hood.” It uses animals to portray characters from the story while incorporating a modern twist. Disney had originally pitched the idea to produce a film version of “Reynard The Fox” beforehand but felt that he was a suitable character. This became thew inspiration for making Robin Hood a red fox, who is also quite the trickster.
          Robin Hood uses cell animation for the film.The technique of cell animation was used by Disney for a lot of movies at that time. The type of animation is used for a majority of the film. This film also uses cycles in earlier Disney movies. Sequences from “The Jungle Book,” “The Aristocats” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” were traced and reused throughout the film. Also the same sequence would be used again, but with a different background, such as clips from the introduction being used in the actual film. Many other films used the same style of animation which made this transition easy.
          All in all, the film Robin Hood incorporated many techniques already used by Disney and is considered a classic film. Its style has been one of various other films made at that time.
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