Survey of Animation project 2

Matt Delorme

Survey of Animation


I based my stop motion animation of that of the Hans Richter. Hans Richter was very interested in cubism and incorporated it into his work. Richter created many abstract works.  In 1919, he co-founded the Association of Revolutionary Artists. Hans Richter felt that an animators job was purely political and was their job to oppose politics or revolutions. In 1921, he created what he claimed was his first abstract film, Rythmus 21. richter continued to work until 1940 when he left Switzerland to come to America. There he worked where he continued to produce films and became part of the Dada movement.

The style of the animation is very unique. The first animations which were black and white, used many basic shapes. These shapes mainly just move around in a simple way, sometimes growing and shrinking in size. there was no specific tory to his film as they were mainly abstract and we treated more as art, not film. For example, in the feature “Rythmus 21”, shapes move around and change sizes no specific order or reason.  Another example is “Dreams That Money Can Buy” there is a lot of revolving spirals not set to a specific way.

I incorporated his style in my animation as I included a black background with a white shape moving around the frame. I think I was successful in capturing the basic nature of this style of animation as I used these similar methods in my animation.


Stephen C. Foster, Hans Richter: Activism, Modernism, and the Avant-Garde (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1998)

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