Survey Response #1

For my first Survey of  Animation response post I watched the film Fantasia. The film was produced in 1940 by Walt Disney and Walt Disney Productions and released in technicolor. This film was the third animated Disney production.

           Fantasia features a mix between animated segments and real life. There are eight total animated shorts in the film, which play to classical music. The names of the segments are, respectively: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, Nutcracker Suite, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Rite of Spring, The Pastoral Symphony, Dance of the Hours and Night on Bald Mountain. In addition to these shorts, during the intermission, an a jazz music piece is animated.
          This film uses a variety of techniques throughout the film. One technique is cell animation. The technique of cell animation was used by Disney for decades to come. The type of animation is used for a majority of the film. Another technique used in the film is rotoscoping. The rights to this technique did not in fact belong to Disney, but were owned by the Fleischer Brothers. This technique is clearly seen though out various points in the movie. These techniques were very commo Fantasia n for films at that time. A unique feature about this film is the way the music matched the animation and visuals, which eventually coined the term “Mickey Mousing.”
          All in all, the film Fantasia incorporated many techniques new and old that turned it into a timeless classic. Its styles have inspired future Disney films to this day.
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