Survey of Animation Assignment 1 Research Paper

Matt Delorme

Survey of Animation


I based my flipbook animation of that of the Fleischer Brothers. The Fleisher Brother’s started animating with the invention of rotoscope, which animating over a live person to create a realistic animated effect. They created various characters featured in early silent films such as Koko the Clown, Bimbo the Dog and Betty Boop. They later incorporated sound and color to the animations in the early 30’s. They later included Popeye the Sailorman cartoons which rivaled Disney’s Mickey Mouse. In 1941, Paramount had taken control over Fleisher studios due to loan defaults. Paramount later created a new company from the former studio and created Famous Studios. Max Fleisher’s son-in-law later became head of the company. Fleisher Studios was later reopened and holds the rights to its famous characters. It currently resides in Los Angles, California.

The style of the animation is very unique. The first animations which were rotoscoped, looked very life like and fluid. The style later changed to a more cartoon feel when characters such as Betty Boop were created. The style still has many cartoon-like aspects, such as characters bouncing or having repeated movements. Other times, objects and people bounced and acted like rubber, adding to the animation. For example, in the cartoon “False Alarm” featuring Koko the Clown, Koko tries to climb up a ladder to put out a fire, but cannot as the pegs on the ladder stretch down like rubber under his weight. Another example is Betty Boop cartoons when Betty walks and she has repeated back and forth movements.

I tried to incorporate the rubber effect as well as the repeated bouncing movement. I did this by redrawing frames and trying to create a bouncing effect in my drawings. I think I was successful in capturing the basic nature of this style of animation as I used these similar methods in my flipbook.


Fleischer Sound Cartoons Filmography-

Fleischer Studios-

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